At Temple Solel, we believe in “feeling, caring and doing-Jewishly”. In order to make that happen in the life of our congregation and in the lives of our member households, we have a very strong commitment to Lifelong Continuing Education for every member of our community.

Our offerings vary from basic to advanced, from short-term and one-time discussions to ongoing classes. We vary the times of the offerings as well-so each member will find a class that is of interest to them, on their level, and offered at a time they can commit.

If you don’t find what you are looking for here, or it is offered at a bad time for you, talk to Nina or the Rabbi, and let them know what you are looking for, so that we can continue to make our program even stronger.

TORAH STUDY and Bagels Saturday morning, 9:00 AM weekly.

Join us for breakfast and learning as we dive into the richness of our Torah traditions. Sessions have already started but do not be afraid of joining the Torah study in the middle. Each weekly portion contains new and enriched meaning.

We go each week until about 10:30 AM (a little earlier when there is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah), but the fun does not end there!

TaNaKh (BIBLE) STUDY (almost) weekly, Saturday @ 10:30 AM. When there is not a service at 10:30 AM, we take a short break at the conclusion of Torah study, and then reconvene to work our way through the rest of the Bible. Each week brings new surprises and new insights into our tradition and our history.

We conclude at 12:00 noon with a brief recitation of “Mi Shebeirach” and “Kaddish” for those who may need to recite either prayer.

ADULT HEBREW - SUNDAYS AT 9:30 AM. We are very fortunate once again this year to have the services of Louise Johanson teaching adult Hebrew for beginners (or close to beginners). The classes meet weekly  and run for 90 minutes each session. There is a small fee for this course and pre-registration is required.  Contact the office for details.

Significant Jewish Books

Day After Night: A Novel by Anita Diamant In her best-selling novel, The Red Tent, Anita Diamant reimagined the lives of women in biblical times, the community of support between them, and their unmarked footsteps in history. Her new novel, Day After Night, seeks out a woman's narrative in a real event that took place in Israel three years prior to statehood.

America's Prophet: Moses and the American Story by Bruce Feiler Bruce Feiler opens up the Exodus story in a new way by viewing it through a different lens--the history of the United States of America. "For four hundred years, one figure stands out as the surprising symbol of America," Feiler writes. "His name is Moses."

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