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2720In September, the Men of Solel ran a mitzvah project to build a wheelchair ramp for a man who lives in our community.  The ramp will enable our neighbor to be more mobile when entering and leaving his home.  We are grateful to the homeowners for the opportunity to serve the community outside of our Temple family.  Much like the Social Action committee, the Men of Solel stand ready to assist those in need outside of the walls of Temple Solel.
High praise goes to Chuck Brown.  He was instrumental in setting up and executing the project.  Chuck met with the homeowners to discuss their needs, drew up the plans according to the required wheelchair ramp code, obtained the materials, provided an impressive collection of tools (much of them powered, thank goodness), organized and supervised the workforce, and used his muscles to construct the ramp.  We are grateful for his expertise and sacrifice of time and energy.  Kudos to Tom Kershaw for providing his expertise, skill and his considerable collection of tools used to plan and construct the ramp.  Finally, thanks to the crew that devoted time and great energy to this project.  While the skill level ranged from expert to barely handy, everyone worked hard to make the ramp a reality.

2721Here is how it happened.  On Thursday the survey and excavation crew got to work.  Chuck, Tom and Paul Nadler marked the location for 13 post holes and dug them out. Maybe it was the number of post holes, but what was thought to take a couple of hours took much longer; not unusual for a MOS-sponsored event.  At this point the yard looked like the golf course in Caddyshack, with mole hills everywhere.
On Friday the framing crew of Chuck, Tom, Tom Kenyon, Joel Magram, Bill Prehn, Dave Newman and Phil Kramer dove in.  They anchored the posts into the ground and put all the framing in place.  Now it was starting to look like a wheel chair ramp.  Actually, it was starting to look like a boat dock and we wondered where the boat would go.  On day three we spared no expense and brought in a really big finishing crew; Chuck, Paul, both Tom's, Bill, Dave, Bruce Hislop, Gary Worthman, Allyson Worthman, Jennifer Simpkin, Rich Saad, Eric Berman and Zevel Berman.  They installed a border around the base of the ramp and put in the decking and safety railings.  Tom Kershaw modified the backyard gate to open in both directions, enabling the homeowner to open and close the gate from his wheel chair.  The ramp was finished about a half hour before it started to rain really hard.
See below for photos of the ramp.  It looks simply marvelous and will serve its purpose quite well.  We invite all temple members to join us in future mitzvah projects.  The reward of knowing you helped is beyond measure.
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